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Feedback from founders - April 2018

Glad to share feedback received from some very passionate entrepreneurs :

Maybright Ventures , has been started by two experienced professionals with diverse experience in Banking and Financial Analytics and Portfolio Management . The company is based out of Kolkata.

"Mr. Hari has proved to be an invaluable guide and mentor in our recently started entrepreneurial journey at Maybright Ventures. My co-founder and I reached out to him at a very early stage when we were still debating what our business would fundamentally be about. He encouraged us continuously and challenged us to take an unconventional approach which has put us on the path to delivering a truly unique product. There have been numerous roadblocks on the way and Mr. Hari has always been available as a sounding board to help us refine our thinking, made us question our assumptions, and left us more energized about what we are trying to accomplish. His insight from mentoring many other startups and startup investors gives him a unique perspective that we have been able to benefit from. Other than his invaluable advice he has been very forthcoming in putting us in touch with other people in his network who could potentially help us with some aspect of our business. Knowing that he is around as a mentor gives us enormous moral support."

Gaurav Jalan

Founder & CEO (


Bengal Speech and Hearing Private Limited has transformed itself in the last two years as the National leader in providing hearing aid and speech solutions in India. The company started by a team of audiologists has expanded aggressively post receiving funding from Matrix Partners in 2015. The company is headquartered in Kolkata

"Hari sir helped me in different ways to think rationally and to take right decision.

He helped me with his experience of an Enterpreneur. Above all in difficult times he is always available to help to take right decisions and strategies.

In my life there are few situations where if hari sir was not there then it could be difficult to survive. "

Somnath Mukherjee ,Founder

Bengal Speech and Hearing Private Limited

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is the developer of BOLT , an Internet of Things (IoT) platform , that enables businesses to enable Smartphone app based remote control applications for their respective products. The BOLT shop is an online store that provides all BOLT connected products for Home Appliances, Security control and remote control applications. The startup is based out of Goa, India .

" Your suggestion of us targeting makers and developers via workshop was spot on. It has helped us to quickly get some early sales. We have been doing workshops in the past but did not think of applying it towards Bolt. We felt that it was an obvious decision to take but we neglected. Thank you for making it clear for us. We also did not have much business experience and negotiation skills. Your guidance in this regard has been of immense help. You also helped us in developing our investment pitch.

But your quality which we love the most has been Equanimity. We have seen that in case of good news you don't get over elated and in case of any bad news you are equally encouraging. I believe your spiritual practice has been the reason for this. This quality of yours has been of immense inspiration to me as a person. Thank you. "

Pranav Pai Vernekar

Founder - Inventrom ,

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Mukunda Foods Private Limited ) started from the campus of SRM University in Chennai. The founders Eshwar and Sudeep won the TATA NEN award as students and subsequently were incubated in the virtual incubator of the Indian Angel Network by Mr. Hari Balasubramanian. The company invented the worlds first desk top Dosa Making machine called Dosamatic and went on to establish a manufacturing unit in Bengaluru. The company was seed funded by the Indian Angel Network and has now sold and installed Dosamatic not only in India , but in several overseas markets like Australia , UK , USA etc.

The company was selected to show case its product when the Prime Minister of India , Mr. Narendra Modi went to the Silicon Valley in 2015 . The company also received world wide publicity recently during the visit of the Royalty from UK ( 2016 April) , when Prince William tasted Dosas made during the demonstration of Dosamatic. The company has recently designed a domestic version of Dosamatic for use at homes. The company has also launched for sale of batter and other accompaniments like chutney , filling and sambar etc.

"Mr.Hari has been associated with Mukunda foods since 4 years. He has been with us since the time we got incubated, has seen us through 2 fund raises & currently is a board member at company pushing for accelerated growth. Of the various roles he has played with the company the most impactful one was that of a mentor. He inspires us to think big, grow fast and grow strong. Though being a board member of the company he never dictates a decision on us and always allows us to act in the best interest of the situation. I have personally seen him being concerned not only for Mukunda Foods but also for numerous companies he mentors. As an entrepreneur & as the CEO of Mukunda Foods, I would definitely like to mention that without the mentorship of Mr.Hari we might have never come this far. More than a mentor, i would like to call Mr.Hari a selfless mentor who sees good in only giving and not expecting anything in return. We are lucky to have Mr.Hari as a mentor. "

Eshwar K Vikas

Co Founder

Mukunda Foods Private Limited

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is a fashion app that allows the user to instantly poll with friends , followers and other and get them to vote on his/her choices. The app also has bloggers/stylists giving instant expert advice to the users that will help users make quick decision. Styledotme app is available for free on Android and iOS platforms.

" My first meeting with Mr. Hari Sir was 3 years back at a TIE conference in Kolkata. His instant faith in the idea of StyleDotMe, and its global significance, paved the way for a long term mentorship. He asked me couple of questions and agreed to help me take the app to another level. At that time, StyleDotMe was just on android and I was trying to get a proof of concept. Hari Sir's motivation and belief convinced me about the need to be on iOS and it made me more serious about the whole project.

Hari Sir not just helped me from time to time in refining the idea and build a solid product but he left no opportunity to connect me to the right people so that the app can go viral. I was introduced to IAN through him and he became my lead investor. People say its very difficult to get funding for a single female founder and that too non tech. But I feel with a strong mentor like Hari Sir, who believed in the idea, I was lucky enough to be heard by many other people and got this super opportunity to be funded by IAN.

Having him as a mentor has been a bliss since he helps in all domains. So whenever I get blocked, he is just a call away. He either gives me the right solution or connects to someone who would help. Having him around has not just contributed to my professional growth but has also made me grow personally. These values were instilled as he teaches me to work towards the goal aggressively and give your 200% until you achieve what you want. I think he has immense amount of patience and have always seen him handle situations very calmly. Hari Sir has helped StyleDotMe create an innovative vision, fuel the dreams for the app and bring in a new phase for us. "

Meghna Saraogi


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ , Zostel Hospitality was founded by a team of 7 young graduates in 2013-14. In two years since inception , it became one of India's most vibrant youth brands . They raised over $40 million in equity and were recently ( 2016) acquired by Oyo Rooms in a multi-million dollar deal. The company is based out of Delhi.

About Hari sir's contribution :
Entrepreneurship is a journey rather than the goal, and journeys are always remembered by the great people you meet along. Today morning, I was telling a budding entrepreneur about Hari sir's key role in the early steps of Zostel.
Being an entrepreneur is a lot about discovering yourself, realising your strengths, analysing your flaws and accepting who you are while working towards becoming a better yourself today. The brief conversations we had clearly highlighted his thought process towards life and motivated us, the amateur ones, towards working hard and realising our potential. The only thing I am sure about 'luck' is that it follows the hard worker more than the brave. Serendipitously meeting him and getting his helping hand over our shoulders along with kind blessings is what pushed zostel on its trajectory. A lot of things that we achieved would have been impossible without his support. I am indebted to him for that and hope that there will be a chance in future to work together as well. He has been a god father to Zostel. Thank you for everything.
Dharamveer Chauhan
Co Founder -

About Hari


Startup farmer 

Hari is an Investor , advisor and mentor . He uses LeanStartup , BMC , VPC to innovate , validate , redesign and discover new growth engines He provides strategic inputs and directions to entrepreneurs , playing the role of a friend , philosopher and guide . Post his stint as an entrepreneur for over 27 years as founder of Ontrack Systems Limited ( , Hari has made angel investments in several startups in diverse domains and has led investments in innovative startups in India and abroad. Hari supports entrepreneurs in several ways .Hari uses and advocates methodologies like lean startups and other practical techniques to guide entrepreneurs and management teams.

He is a Director of Mukunda Foods Private Limited ( ) , Director of High City Retail Private Limited ( . He is an advisor to IvyCap Ventures , ( ) a Private Equity fund, focused on supporting entrepreneurs from premier institutions of India. He was an advisor to Sol Primero ( ) ,an early stage venture fund started by two women .He is a Board observer and Mentor to , a company run by a team of audiologists who have set up a chain of clinics for patients with hearing problems. He is an advisor to , a young company focussed in IoT which has built a low cost platform for rapid IOT application development. He is a mentor and advisor to , a Fintech company which is currently focussing on lending to students in India. Hari is a mentor and Board observer to , a company focussed in applying cutting edge technology in the fashion industry.

He is a member of The Indian Angel Network ( ) , where he contributes in deal sourcing , due diligence and mentoring of start up companies . He is well networked with entrepreneurs and investors all over the world and has the ability to raise finance for funds, startups and matured companies.

Hari serves / has served as a trustee / Office Bearer of several non profit organisations like TiE ( ) Kolkata as Past President , COMPASS ( ) as Past President , NASSCOM ( as former Vice Chairman of EIRC , CIITA ( Confederation of Indian IT Associations) as Founder President, Sr Vice President ( Federation of All India IT Associations) , Shree Dibyananda Mission as a Trustee . He is a mentor and adviser to Babar Ali , who has been recognised as the World's youngest headmaster.

Hari earned a BE ( Bachelor of Electrical Engineering ) from Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur. He started his career in BHEL and after a short stint there founded Ontrack Systems Limited ( ) , an ICT company headquartered in Kolkata. Hari has led and executed the acquisition(s) strategy for the company and also led the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Ontrack . Hari was one of the early adapters of the internet ( 1996) and his portal ( Calcutta Online ) was a very popular portal which was subsequently acquired by a NASDAQ listed company in 1998-99 . Hari subsequently founded , India's first tendering portal and acquired , India's earliest B2B information portal.

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