EaSyndicate is for Angel Investors who are early adapters and have a high risk appetite. The vision of  EasYndicate is to identify potential 100x startups  and provide the first cheque and involve syndicate members  , some of who can provide or act as early adopters of the products and services being built by the startup. The thesis of EaSyndicate is to identify innovative and disruptive startups by making smaller bets and allowing the best ideas and entrepreneurs with traction to emerge. Startups without traction will likely be killed . It is a high performance high risk strategy . Please exercise caution before committing. It is a letsventure.com syndicate. Highlights of EasYndicate : • Ticket size : Rs. 25-50 Lakhs for 2% to 10% equity  • No of investors : 10-25 • Lead / Co Lead commitment : 10%-20% of deal size  • First Cheque from EaSyndicate, Co Investors allowed • Maximum Time to close subscription : 7 days • Time frame : 7-10 years • Target multiple : 100 x ( high risk) • Investors must have high risk appetite  • 6-10 investments per year • One or Two Investors can become co leads • Carry and eligibility as per LetsVenture norms. • Note : Above guidelines are subject to review / change